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13763 Schleich Hereford Bull

13773 Schleich Tinker Mare

13791 Schleich Tinker Stallion

14533 Schleich Dinosaur Mini Velociraptor
Schleich New Releases for 2015

The following is a list of the Schleich new releases for 2015. Every year Schleich release a certain number of new figures and retire a similar amount. Schleich Animals have been in production since the 1980's and are now the leading animal collectable replica in the world.

13763 Schleich Cow: Hereford Bull
13764 Schleich Cow: Hereford Cow
13765 Schleich Cow: Hereford Calf
13766 Schleich Cow: Black Angus Bull
13767 Schleich Cow: Black Angus Cow
13768 Schleich Cow: Black Angus Calf
13769 Schleich Horse: Knabstrupper Mare
13770 Schleich Cat: Cat, standing
13771 Schleich Cat: Cat, sitting
13772 Schleich Donkey
13773 Schleich Horse: Tinker Mare
13774 Schleich Horse: Tinker Foal
13775 Schleich Horse: Mini Shetty Stallion
13776 Schleich Horse: Mini Shetty Mare
13777 Schleich Horse: Mini Shetty Foal
13778 Schleich Horse: Ardennes Stallion
13779 Schleich Horse: Ardennes Foal
13780 Schleich Horse: Bashkir Curly Mare
13781 Schleich Horse: Bashkir Curly Foal
13782 Schleich Pig: Pig
13783 Schleich Pig: Piglet, standing
13785 Schleich Sheep: Black Sheep
13789 Schleich Horse: Tennessee Walker Stallion
13790 Schleich Horse: Icelandic Pony Mare
13791 Schleich Horse: Tinker Stallion
13794 Schleich Horse: Pinto Stallion
13795 Schleich Horse: Pinto Mare
14532 Schleich Dinosaur Mini: Tyrannosaurus Rex
14533 Schleich Dinosaur Mini: Velociraptor
14534 Schleich Dinosaur Mini: Triceratops
14535 Schleich Dinosaur Mini: Pentaceratops
14536 Schleich Dinosaur Mini: Saichania
14537 Schleich Dinosaur Mini: Stegosaurus
14538 Schleich Dinosaur Mini: Spinosaurus
14539 Schleich Dinosaur Mini: Quetzalcoatlus
14540 Schleich Dinosaurs: Anhanguera
14541 Schleich Dinosaurs: Kentrosaurus
14726 Schleich Lion: Lion, roaring
14727 Schleich Alligator (Moveable Jaw!)
14728 Schleich Alligator Baby
14729 Schleich Tiger: Tiger
14730 Schleich Tiger Cub
14731 Schleich White Tiger
14732 Schleich White Tiger, Cub
14733 Schleich Snake: Cobra
14734 Schleich Bear: Giant Panda Cub, playing
14735 Schleich Hyena
14736 Schleich Crocodile (Moveable Jaw!)
14737 Schleich Bird: Macaw
14738 Schleich Bird: Eagle Owl, spread wings
14739 Schleich Snake: Boa Constrictor
14740 Schleich Snake: Rattlesnake
14741 Schleich Wolf, growling
14742 Schleich Arctic Wolf
14743 Schleich Rhinocerous
14744 Schleich Ostrich
16831 Schleich Dog: German Shepherd
16832 Schleich Dog: German Shepherd Puppy
16833 Schleich Dog: St Bernard
16834 Schleich Dog: St Bernard Puppy
16835 Schleich Husky
22501 Schleich Justice League: Batman
22502 Schleich Justice League: Batman Fighting
22503 Schleich Justice League: Batman Kneeling
22504 Schleich Justice League: Superman Fighting
22505 Schleich Justice League: Superman Kneeling
22506 Schleich Justice League: Superman
22507 Schleich Justice League: Green Lantern
22508 Schleich Justice League: The Flash
22509 Schleich Justice League: Superman vs Darkseid
22510 Schleich Justice League: Batman vs Joker
41409 Schleich Scenery Pack: Elephant Care Set
41410 Schleich Vehicle: Animal Rescue Truck
42161 Schleich Person: Showjumper Red
42162 Schleich Person: Recreational Rider Pink
42189 Schleich Playset: Riding Arena
42190 Schleich Horse Set: Tournament Set
42191 Schleich Playset: Chicken Coop
70494 Schleich Bayala Rainbow Animals: Miriel
70495 Schleich Bayala Rainbow Animals: Apalu
70496 Schleich Bayala Rainbow Animals: Mita
70497 Schleich Bayala Rainbow Animals: Picki
70498 Schleich Bayala Rainbow Animals: Nitaya
70499 Schleich Bayala Rainbow Animals: Shalu
70501 Schleich Bayala: Delicate Lily Elf, riding pony
70508 Schleich Dragons: Dragon Flyer
70509 Schleich Dragons: Dragon Fighter
70510 Schleich Dragons: Dragon Runner
70511 Schleich Dragons: Dragon Battering Ram
70512 Schleich Dragons: Dragon Warrior
70513 Schleich Dragons: Dragon Hunter
70518 Schleich Bayala: Larinya

16833 Schleich Dog St Bernard

22504 Schleich Justice League Superman Fighting

70496 Schleich Bayala Rainbow Animals Mita

70513 Schleich Dragons Dragon Hunter

13279 Schleich Horse Tinker Mare

13637 Schleich Cat Cat, sitting

13696 Schleich Horse Pinto Mare

14193 Schleich Rhinoceros African Black Rhinoceros
Schleich Retirements for 2015

This is a listing of items which are being retired by Schleich in 2015. Retired Schleich items are often harder to find and over time they increase in value.

13279 Schleich Horse: Tinker Mare
13288 Schleich Pig: Sow, standing
13289 Schleich Pig: Piglet, standing
13295 Schleich Horse: Tinker Foal
13616 Schleich Horse: Pinto Stallion
13617 Schleich Horse: Knabstrupper Mare
13625 Schleich Horse: Tinker Stallion
13631 Schleich Horse: Tennessee Walking
13637 Schleich Cat: Cat, sitting
13638 Schleich Cat: Cat, standing
13644 Schleich Donkey
13651 Schleich Horse: Dartmoor Pony
13689 Schleich Horse: Knabstrupper Stallion
13691 Schleich Horse: Dartmoor Pony Foal
13692 Schleich Horse: Dartmoor Pony Stallion
13696 Schleich Horse: Pinto Mare
13698 Schleich Rabbit: Rabbit, grooming
13699 Schleich Horse: Haflinger Foal
13701 Schleich Horse: Akhal-Teke Mare
13703 Schleich Alpaca Stallion
13704 Schleich Alpaca Mare
13705 Schleich Alpaca Foal
13708 Schleich Pony: Icelandic Pony Mare
13711 Schleich Horse: Camargue Mare
13723 Schleich Cat: Kittens, playing
14193 Schleich Rhinoceros: African Black Rhinoceros
14325 Schleich Bird: Ostrich
14369 Schleich Tiger: Tiger
14371 Schleich Tiger: Cub, standing
14373 Schleich Lion: Lion
14377 Schleich Lion: Lion Cub, playing
14378 Schleich Crocodile
14382 Schleich Tiger: White Tiger
14388 Schleich Meerkat Pups
14502 Schleich Dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rex (small)
14503 Schleich Dinosaur: Brachiosaurus (small)
14504 Schleich Dinosaur: Triceratops (small)
14509 Schleich Dinosaur: Velociraptor
14510 Schleich Dinosaur: Dilophosaurus
14512 Schleich Dinosaur: Allosaurus (small)
14517 Schleich Dinosaur: Parasaurolophus
14605 Schleich Wolf
14606 Schleich Wolf Cub
14624 Schleich Raccoon, standing
14626 Schleich Wolf, howling
14635 Schleich Birds of Prey: Baby eagles in nest
14663 Schleich Gorilla, Young
14672 Schleich Skunk
14674 Schleich Bird: Stork
16343 Schleich Dog: German Shepherd Puppy
16345 Schleich Dog: St Bernard Puppy
16371 Schleich Dog: Husky Male
16375 Schleich Dog: German Shepherd Female
16379 Schleich Dog: St Bernard, Male
16388 Schleich Dog: Labrador Puppy Chocolate
41241 Schleich Scenery Pack: Lion Set
41348 Schleich Scenery Pack: Arctic Set
41354 Schleich Scenery Pack: Dinosaurs (Special Edition T-Rex!!!)
41357 Schleich Scenery Pack: Baby Farm Animals (Inc Unique coloured Goat!!!)
41363 Schleich Scenery Pack: Big Cats Set
42003 Schleich Animal Nursery
42004 Schleich Vehicle: Truck with Driver
42060 Schleich Bayala: Elf Carriage
70105 Schleich Knights: Dragon Knight with Axe
70106 Schleich Knights: Dragon Knight with Pole-arm
70112 Schleich Knights: Griffin Knight with Axe
70113 Schleich Knights: Griffin Knight with Pole-arm
70400 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Feya
70402 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Sera
70403 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Eyela
70409 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Lloris & Leolynn
70416 Schleich Bayala: Shadow Elf Surah
70426 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Feya, standing
70427 Schleich Bayala: Marween
70436 Schleich Bayala: Eyela, Conducting Wedding
70452 Schleich Bayala: Eyela on Horseback
70454 Schleich Bayala: Chestnut Elf with Fellow
70458 Schleich Bayala: Anemone Twins
70459 Schleich Bayala: Asian Magical Being
70461 Schleich Bayala: Male Elf on Forest Unicorn
70462 Schleich Bayala: Delicate Lily Elf
70477 Schleich Bayala: Sera, standing
70478 Schleich Bayala: Surah with Bird, standing

14605 Schleich Wolf

16388 Schleich Dog Labrador Puppy Chocolate

70426 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Feya, standing

70478 Schleich Bayala Surah with Bird, standing
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