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13743 Schleich Ewe

13725 Schleich Fjord Mare

14529 Schleich Therizinosaurus

70488 Schleich Bayala: Xalimbo
Schleich New Releases for 2014

The following is a list of the Schleich new releases for 2014. Every year Schleich release a certain number of new figures and retire a similar amount. Schleich Animals have been in production since the 1980's and are now the leading animal collectable replica in the world.

13743 Schleich Sheep: Ewe
13744 Schleich Sheep: Lamb, standing
13745 Schleich Sheep: Lamb, lying
13746 Schleich Donkey Foal
13747 Schleich Pig: Pot-Bellied Pig
13748 Schleich Rabbits: Young Rabbits, playing
13749 Schleich Horse: Frisian Mare
13750 Schleich Pony: Shetland Pony Mare
13751 Schleich Pony: Shetland Pony Gelding
13752 Schleich Pony: Shetland Pony Foal
13753 Schleich Horse: Fjord Stallion
13754 Schleich Horse: Fjord Mare
13755 Schleich Horse: Fjord Foal
13756 Schleich Horse: Trakhener Stallion
13757 Schleich Horse: Trakhener Mare
13758 Schleich Horse: Trakhener Foal
13759 Schleich Horse: Falabella Gelding
13760 Schleich Horse: Knabstrupper Foal
13761 Schleich Horse: Arabian Mare
13762 Schleich Horse: Arabian Foal
13763 Schleich Cow: Hereford Bull
13764 Schleich Cow: Hereford Cow
13765 Schleich Cow: Hereford Calf
13766 Schleich Cow: Black Angus Bull
13767 Schleich Cow: Black Angus Cow
13768 Schleich Cow: Black Angus Calf
14528 Schleich Dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus rex, walking
14529 Schleich Dinosaur: Therizinosaurus
14530 Schleich Dinosaur: Velociraptor, green
14531 Schleich Dinosaur: Pentaceratops
14706 Schleich Bear: Giant Panda
14707 Schleich Bear: Giant Panda Cub
14708 Schleich Bear: Polar Bear Cub, walking
14709 Schleich Deer: White Tailed Deer, Male
14710 Schleich Deer: White Tailed Deer, Female
14711 Schleich Deer: White Tailed Deer, Calf
14712 Schleich Lion: Lioness, walking
14713 Schleich Hedgehog
14714 Schleich Bison
14715 Schleich Mandrill Male
14716 Schleich Mandrill Female with Baby
14717 Schleich Gibbon
14718 Schleich Gibbon Baby
14719 Schleich Flying Fox
14720 Schleich Bird: Gull
14721 Schleich Bird: Puffin
14722 Schleich Chipmunk
14723 Schleich Squirrel Monkey
14724 Schleich Fish: Sawfish
14725 Schleich Fish: Sea Horse
16394 Schleich Dog: Golden Retriever Male
16395 Schleich Dog: Golden Retriever Female
16396 Schleich Dog: Golden Retriever Puppy
16397 Schleich Dog: Bernese Mountain Dog Female
16398 Schleich Dog: Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy
70114 Schleich Knights: Dragon Knight Magician
70115 Schleich Knights: Dragon Knight King on Horse
70116 Schleich Knights: Dragon Knight Beserk
70118 Schleich Knights: Griffin Knight Magician
70119 Schleich Knights: Griffin Knight King on Horse
70120 Schleich Knights: Griffin Knight Beserk
70477 Schleich Bayala: Sera, standing
70478 Schleich Bayala: Surah with Bird, standing
70487 Schleich Bayala: Takkiti
70488 Schleich Bayala: Xalimbo
70489 Schleich Bayala: Zimsi
70490 Schleich Bayala: Ki-Kuki
70491 Schleich Bayala: Misamee
70492 Schleich Bayala: Zhuhu

70492 Schleich Bayala: Zhuhu

70116 Schleich Dragon Knight Beserk

14718 Schleich Gibbon Baby

13765 Schleich Hereford Calf

13268 Schleich Donkey Foal

13284 Schleich Lamb, lying

13448 Schleich Horse Carer

13675 Schleich Cat, grooming
Schleich Retirements for 2014

This is a listing of items which are being retired by Schleich in 2014. Retired Schleich items are often harder to find and over time they increase in value.

13268 Schleich Donkey Foal
13276 Schleich Horse: Arabian Foal
13278 Schleich Horse: Falabella
13283 Schleich Sheep: Sheep, standing
13284 Schleich Sheep: Lamb, lying
13285 Schleich Sheep: Lamb, standing
13297 Schleich Horse: Shetland Pony
13448 Schleich Person: Horse Carer
13453 Schleich Person: Stable Girl with Wheelbarrow
13457 Schleich Person: Veterinarian, Male
13458 Schleich Person: Worker with Brush Cutter
13459 Schleich Person: Rider with Saddle
13462 Schleich Person: Forestry Worker with Chainsaw
13467 Schleich Person: Farmer with Pig
13468 Schleich Person: Farner's Wife with Basket
13604 Schleich Horse: Frisian Mare
13607 Schleich Horse: Andalusian Stallion
13622 Schleich Horse: Frisian Foal
13629 Schleich Horse: Arabian Stallion
13630 Schleich Horse: Arabian Mare
13650 Schleich Horse: Quarter Horse
13655 Schleich Duck: Ducklings
13661 Schleich Donkey: Poitou Donkey
13662 Schleich Horse: Shetland Stallion
13663 Schleich Horse: Black Forest Stallion
13664 Schleich Horse: Black Forest Mare
13666 Schleich Horse: Lusitano
13675 Schleich Cats: Cat, grooming
13686 Schleich Donkey: Poitou Donkey Foal
13690 Schleich Horse: Akhal-Teke Stallion
13697 Schleich Rabbit: Dwarf Lop, lying
13717 Schleich Goat: Dwarf Goat Kid, bleating
13902 Schleich Person: Girl with Rabbit
13905 Schleich Person: Girl, feeding with carrot
14253 Schleich Deer: White Tailed Buck
14254 Schleich Deer: White Tailed Doe
14256 Schleich Deer: White Tailed Fawn
14331 Schleich Bear: Giant Panda Cub
14337 Schleich Hedgehog
14348 Schleich Camel: Two Humped Camel
14349 Schleich American Bison
14362 Schleich Meerkat, sitting
14363 Schleich Lion: Lioness, walking
14367 Schleich Squirrel
14370 Schleich Tiger: Tigress
14383 Schleich Tiger: White Tigress
14396 Schleich Gazelle
14416 Schleich Rabbit: Pygmy Rabbit
14604 Schleich Raccoon
14609 Schleich Zebra Grazing
14613 Schleich Warthog Sow
14623 Schleich Hedgehog Pups
14627 Schleich Lynx Female
14628 Schleich Lynx Cub
14641 Schleich African Buffalo Calf
14646 Schleich Wolverine
14651 Schleich Badger Cubs
14676 Schleich Hedgehog: Four-toed Hedgehog
16339 Schleich Dog: Bernese Mountain Dog, standing
16342 Schleich Dog: Golden Retriever Puppy, sitting
16344 Schleich Dog: Bernese Mountain Puppy
16348 Schleich Dog: Dalmatian Puppy, sitting
16377 Schleich Dog: Golden Retriever Male
16378 Schleich Dog: Golden Retriever Puppy, standing
16382 Schleich Dog: Pug Female
16383 Schleich Dog: Pug Puppies
16385 Schleich Dog: Great Dane Puppy
16387 Schleich Dog: Labrador Female
40181 Schleich Horse: Show Jumping Course
41333 Schleich Kangaroo: Kangaroo Scenery Pack
41803 Schleich Box Set: Dog Agility Scenery Pack
42014 Schleich Set: Feeding Ground
42022 Schleich Crate Set
42025 Schleich Vehicle: 4 x 4 with Driver (Joins with 40185)
42051 Schleich Vehicle: Quad Bike with Driver
42052 Schleich Vehicle: Tractor with Driver
42059 Schleich Bayala: Elf Pavilion
42077 Schleich Bayala: Elf Sunny Blossom
42092 Schleich Vehicle: Motorcycle with Driver
42096 Schleich Bayala: Elf Swing
42097 Schleich Bayala: Elf Merry-Go-Round
42098 Schleich Bayala: Elf Riding Set, Forest Elf
42099 Schleich Bayala: Elf Riding Set, Limeya
70425 Schleich Bayala: Florindel
70435 Schleich Bayala: Sireel & Solfur
70437 Schleich Bayala: Flower Elf
70438 Schleich Bayala: Harp Elf
70439 Schleich Bayala: Falaroy, standing
70446 Schleich Bayala: Auruun
70455 Schleich Bayala: Magnolia Elf
70456 Schleich Bayala: Beautiful Lotus Elf
70457 Schleich Bayala: Lily-like Elf
70463 Schleich Bayala: Fine Daffodil Elf

14646 Schleich Wolverine

16383 Schleich Pug Puppies

42022 Schleich Crate Set

70463 Schleich Fine Daffodil Elf
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