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13718 Schleich White Swan with Cygnets

13725 Schleich Baby Rabbits

13730 Schleich Hanoverian Foal

14526 Schleich Styracosaurus
Schleich New Releases for 2013

The following is a list of the Schleich new releases for 2013. Every year Schleich release a certain number of new figures and retire a similar amount. Schleich Animals have been in production since the 1980's and are now the leading animal collectable replica in the world.

13718 Schleich Swan: White Swan with Cygnets
13719 Schleich Goat: Domestic Goat
13720 Schleich Goat: Domestic Goat, Kid
13721 Schleich Cow: Texas Longhorn Bull
13722 Schleich Cow: Black Bull
13723 Schleich Cat: Kittens, playing
13724 Schleich Cat: Kittens with Ball of Yarn
13725 Schleich Rabbits: Baby Rabbits
13726 Schleich Sheep: Ram with Horns
13727 Schleich Duck: Drake, swimming
13728 Schleich Bird: Peacock
13729 Schleich Horse: Hanoverian Mare
13730 Schleich Horse: Hanoverian Foal
13731 Schleich Horse: Appaloosa Mare
13732 Schleich Horse: Appaloosa Stallion
13733 Schleich Horse: Appaloosa Foal
13734 Schleich Horse: Shire Stallion
13735 Schleich Horse: Shire Mare
13736 Schleich Horse: Shire Foal
13737 Schleich Horse: Lipizzaner Mare
13738 Schleich Horse: Lipizzaner Foal
13739 Schleich Pony: Fell Pony, Stallion
13740 Schleich Pony: Fell Pony, Mare
13741 Schleich Pony: Fell Pony, Foal
13742 Schleich Horse: Haflinger, Mare
14526 Schleich Dinosaur: Styracosaurus
14527 Schleich Dinosaur: Carnotaurus
14677 Schleich Koala Bear with Cub
14678 Schleich Chimpanzee Male
14679 Schleich Chimpanzee Female with Baby
14680 Schleich Chimpanzee Young
14681 Schleich Hippopotamus
14682 Schleich Hippopotamus Calf
14683 Schleich Crocodile Baby
14684 Schleich Squirrel, Eating
14685 Schleich Bear: Grizzly Bear Male
14686 Schleich Bear: Grizzly Bear Female
14687 Schleich Bear: Grizzly Bear Cub
14688 Schleich Black Panther
14689 Schleich Bird: Hyacinth Macaw
14690 Schleich Bird: Blue-and-Yellow Macaw
14691 Schleich Birds of Prey: Griffon Vulture
14692 Schleich White Hare
14693 Schleich Beaver
14694 Schleich Otter
14695 Schleich Sea Turtle
14696 Schleich Whale: Blue Whale
14697 Schleich Whale: Killer Whale
14698 Schleich Manta Ray
14699 Schleich Dolphin
14700 Schleich Shark: Great White Shark
14701 Schleich Shark: Blue Shark
14702 Schleich Seal: Seal
14703 Schleich Seal: Seal Cub
14704 Schleich Seal: Sea Lion Cub
14705 Schleich Penguin: African Penguin
16389 Schleich Dog: Boxer, Male
16390 Schleich Dog: Boxer, female
16391 Schleich Dog: Boxer, puppy
16392 Schleich Dog: Australian Shepherd
16393 Schleich Dog: Australian Shepherd, puppy
42056 Schleich Horse: Show Jumping Set
42057 Schleich Horse: Riding Set
42099 Schleich Bayala: Elf Riding Set, Limeya
42100 Schleich Bayala: Ice Sleigh
70100 Schleich Knights: Dragon Rider
70101 Schleich Knights: Dragon Knight on Horse with Flail
70102 Schleich Knights: Dragon Knight on Horse with Lance
70103 Schleich Knights: Dragon Knight with Sword
70104 Schleich Knights: Dragon Knight with Crossbow
70105 Schleich Knights: Dragon Knight with Axe
70106 Schleich Knights: Dragon Knight with Pole-arm
70107 Schleich Knights: Griffin Rider
70108 Schleich Knights: Griffin Knight on Horse
70109 Schleich Knights: Griffin Knight on Horse with Lance
70110 Schleich Knights: Griffin Knight with Sword
70111 Schleich Knights: Griffin Knight with Bow
70112 Schleich Knights: Griffin Knight with Axe
70113 Schleich Knights: Griffin Knight with Pole-arm
70466 Schleich Bayala: Iloris & Leolynn, playing
70467 Schleich Bayala: Sanjeela
70468 Schleich Bayala: Zarinya
70469 Schleich Bayala: Mohinya
70470 Schleich Bayala: Chriseya
70471 Schleich Bayala: Sunaya
70472 Schleich Bayala: Yamuna
70473 Schleich Bayala: Aguya
70474 Schleich Bayala: Tujena
70475 Schleich Bayala: Tassya
70476 Schleich Bayala: Bilara
70620 Schleich Bayala Book: Danger in the Land of the Elves

14683 Schleich Crocodile Baby

14695 Schleich Sea Turtle

70107 Schleich Knights: Griffin Rider

70474 Schleich Bayala: Tujena

13293 Schleich Lipizzaner Stallion

13608 Schleich Shetland Pony Foal

13466 Schleich Shepherd

14132 Schleich Hippopotamus Male
Schleich Retirements for 2013

This is a listing of items which are being retired by Schleich in 2013. Retired Schleich items are often harder to find and over time they increase in value.

13266 Schleich Sheep: Ram
13275 Schleich Cow: Texas Longhorn Bull
13277 Schleich Horse: Hanoverian Foal
13280 Schleich Horse: Haflinger Gelding
13293 Schleich Horse: Lipizzaner Stallion
13294 Schleich Horse: Lipizzaner Foal
13296 Schleich Horse: Hanoverian Mare, Dressage
13442 Schleich Person: Veterinarian, Female
13445 Schleich Person: Stable Girl
13446 Schleich Person: Blacksmith
13449 Schleich Person: Riding Instructor
13454 Schleich Person: Groom Feeding
13455 Schleich Person: Rider with Sleeveless Jacket
13456 Schleich Person: Rider with Jacket
13466 Schleich Person: Shepherd
13469 Schleich Person: Girl with Camera
13603 Schleich Horse: Lipizzaner Mare
13606 Schleich Horse: Haflinger Mare
13608 Schleich Horse: Shetland Pony Foal
13615 Schleich Cow: Holstein Calf, suckling
13618 Schleich Horse: Palomino Stallion
13619 Schleich Horse: Knabstrupper Foal
13636 Schleich Pig: Swabian-Hall Piglet
13639 Schleich Cow: Holstein Calf, lying
13647 Schleich Chicken: Hen, pecking
13652 Schleich Horse: Arabian Foal, grazing
13654 Schleich Duck: Drake
13656 Schleich Swan: Mute Swan Female
13657 Schleich Swan: Mute Swan Cygnets
13658 Schleich Cow: Scottish Highland Bull
13659 Schleich Cow: Scottish Highland Cow
13660 Schleich Cow: Scottish Highland Calf
13665 Schleich Horse: Black Forest Yearling
13678 Schleich Grey Goose
13679 Schleich Grey Goose Gander
13680 Schleich Grey Goose Chicks
13903 Schleich Person: Boy with Frisbee
13904 Schleich Person: Boy with Branch
14132 Schleich Hippopotamus Male
14189 Schleich Chimpanzee Male
14191 Schleich Chimpanzee Female
14192 Schleich Chimpanzee Cub
14252 Schleich Squirrel, eating
14323 Schleich Bear: Grizzly Bear Female
14324 Schleich Bear: Grizzly Bear Cub
14372 Schleich Tiger: Cub, playing
14375 Schleich Lion: Lioness, lying
14376 Schleich Lion: Lion Cub, lying
14384 Schleich Tiger: White Tiger Cub, standing
14386 Schleich Gnu
14395 Schleich Rhinoceros: African Black Rhinoceros Cub
14397 Schleich Gazelle Calf
14398 Schleich Bird: Ostrich Chick
14399 Schleich Leopard Cub
14602 Schleich Camel Foal
14607 Schleich Kangaroo Male
14608 Schleich Kangaroo Joey
14610 Schleich Bird: Ostrich Male
14611 Schleich Warthog Boar
14612 Schleich Warthog Piglet
14615 Schleich Tapir
14616 Schleich Yak
14620 Schleich Moose Cow
14621 Schleich Moose Calf
14625 Schleich Raccoon Cubs
14644 Schleich Kudu Calf
14650 Schleich Badger
16071 Schleich Whale: Killer Whale (large) - Orca
16088 Schleich Dolphin
16089 Schleich Shark: Whale Shark
16091 Schleich Whale: Killer Whale Calf - Orca
16092 Schleich Shark: Great White Shark
16096 Schleich Shark: Blue Shark
16316 Schleich Dog: Bernese Mountain Dog, sitting
16319 Schleich Dog: Dalmatian, lying
16372 Schleich Dog: Husky Female
16373 Schleich Dog: Husky Puppy
16374 Schleich Dog: Husky Puppy, laying
16376 Schleich Dog: German Shepherd Male, sitting
16454 Schleich Dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rex, standing
16459 Schleich Dinosaur: Spinosaurus
16460 Schleich Dinosaur: Allosaurus
16463 Schleich Dinosaur: Quetzalcoatlus
16464 Schleich Dinosaur: Giganotosaurus
16817 Schleich Dog: Mixed Breed
16818 Schleich Dog: Mixed Breed, playing
30652 Schleich Tree: Fir Tree, large
30653 Schleich Tree: Fir Tree, small
30654 Schleich Tree: Umbrella Acacia Tree
30656 Schleich Tree: Mopane Tree
30658 Schleich Tree: Beech Tree
30659 Schleich Hedge
40185 Schleich Vehicle: Horse Trailer (Joins with 42025)
42007 Schleich Corral
42020 Schleich Horse: Show Jumping Riding Set
42021 Schleich Horse: Riding Set
42032 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf House
42037 Schleich Bayala: Elf Boat
42038 Schleich Bayala: Floral Umbrella
42041 Schleich Vehicle: Water Trough
42042 Schleich Vehicle: Truck Trailer
42043 Schleich Vehicle: Aeroplane
42044 Schleich Bayala: Elf Riding Set, Tinuveel
42045 Schleich Paddock Fence
42063 Schleich Bayala: Arelan Raft
42079 Schleich Heroes: Fighter Elephant Attachment
70009 Schleich Knights: Prince on Reared Up Horse (Blue)
70016 Schleich Knights: Crossbowman (Red)
70017 Schleich Knights: Knight with Lance on Horse (Red)
70018 Schleich Knights: Prince on Reared Horse (Red)
70019 Schleich Knights: Tournament Knight (Red)
70020 Schleich Knights: Tournament Knight (Blue)
70021 Schleich Knights: Foot-Soldier with War Hammer (Blue)
70024 Schleich Knights: Foot-Soldier with Sword (Red)
70032 Schleich Knights: Black Knight on Horse
70033 Schleich Knights: Green Dragon
70045 Schleich Knights: Princess
70046 Schleich Knights: Tournament Knight, Dragoon
70047 Schleich Knights: Tournament Knight, Taurus
70054 Schleich Knights: Knight On Horse with Sword (Blue)
70056 Schleich Knights: Knight on Horse with Sword (Red)
70057 Schleich Knights: Archer Kneeling (Red)
70062 Schleich Knights: Foot-Soldier with Throwing Axes
70063 Schleich Heroes: Fighter Elephant with Rider
70064 Schleich Heroes: The Fearless Roman
70065 Schleich Heroes: The Invincible Spartan
70066 Schleich Heroes: Feared Warrior from North
70067 Schleich Heroes: The Proud African
70068 Schleich Heroes: The Honorable Samurai
70069 Schleich Heroes: The Mysterious Ninja
70073 Schleich Heroes: Thracian
70074 Schleich Heroes: Iberian
70075 Schleich Heroes: Retarius
70076 Schleich Heroes: Secutor
70077 Schleich Heroes: The Wild Viking
70078 Schleich Heroes: The Respected Eqyptian
70079 Schleich Heroes: Gladiator with Hyena
70083 Schleich Heroes: Gladiator with Battle Rhinoceros
70401 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Falaroy
70404 Schleich Bayala: Shadow Elf Nuray
70413 Schleich Bayala: Shadow Elf Bilara
70414 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Nimsay
70415 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Yasira
70419 Schleich Bayala: Nugur
70422 Schleich Bayala: Pegasus Foal
70428 Schleich Bayala: Noctis
70429 Schleich Bayala: Arelan
70430 Schleich Bayala: Apricum
70431 Schleich Bayala: Gregis
70440 Schleich Bayala: Torak
70441 Schleich Bayala: Fizzio
70442 Schleich Bayala: Liassa
70443 Schleich Bayala: Umitok
70444 Schleich Bayala: Kenjok

16092 Schleich Great White Shark

70033 Schleich Green Dragon

70077 Schleich The Wild Viking

70444 Schleich Bayala Kenjok
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