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13467 Schleich Farmer with Pig

13703 Schleich Alpaca Stallion

14635 Schleich Baby eagles in nest

14653 Schleich Asian Elephant, Male
Schleich New Releases for 2012

The following is a list of the Schleich new releases for 2012. Every year Schleich release a certain number of new figures and retire a similar amount. Schleich Animals have been in production since the 1980's and are now the leading animal collectable replica in the world.

13467 Schleich Person: Farmer with Pig
13468 Schleich Person: Farner's Wife with Basket
13469 Schleich Person: Girl with Camera
13681 Schleich Sheep: Shropshire Sheep
13682 Schleich Sheep: Shropshire Lamb
13699 Schleich Horse: Haflinger Foal
13701 Schleich Horse: Akhal-Teke Mare
13702 Schleich Horse: Akhal-Teke Foal
13703 Schleich Alpaca Stallion
13704 Schleich Alpaca Mare
13705 Schleich Alpaca Foal
13706 Schleich Horse: Trained Horse
13707 Schleich Pony: Icelandic Pony Stallion
13708 Schleich Pony: Icelandic Pony Mare
13709 Schleich Pony: Icelandic Pony Foal
13710 Schleich Horse: Camargue Stallion
13711 Schleich Horse: Camargue Mare
13712 Schleich Horse: Camargue Foal
13713 Schleich Horse: Tennessee Walker Mare
13714 Schleich Horse: Tennessee Walker Yearling
13715 Schleich Goat: Dwarf Goat
13716 Schleich Goat: Dwarf Goat Kid
13717 Schleich Goat: Dwarf Goat Kid, bleating
13902 Schleich Person: Girl with Rabbit
13903 Schleich Person: Boy with Frisbee
13904 Schleich Person: Boy with Branch
13905 Schleich Person: Girl, feeding with carrot
14513 Schleich Dinosaur: Allosaurus
14514 Schleich Dinosaur: Apatosaurus
14515 Schleich Dinosaur: Brachiosaurus
14516 Schleich Dinosaur: Gigantosaurus
14517 Schleich Dinosaur: Parasaurolophus
14518 Schleich Dinosaur: Quetzalcoatlus
14519 Schleich Dinosaur: Saichania
14520 Schleich Dinosaur: Stegosaurus
14521 Schleich Dinosaur: Spinosaurus
14522 Schleich Dinosaur: Triceratops
14524 Schleich Dinosaur: Velociraptor
14525 Schleich Dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rex
14633 Schleich Birds of Prey: Peregrine Falcon
14635 Schleich Birds of Prey: Baby eagles in nest
14653 Schleich Elephant: Asian Elephant, Male
14654 Schleich Elephant: Asian Elephant, Female
14655 Schleich Elephant: Asian Elephant, Calf
14656 Schleich Elephant: African Elephant, Male
14657 Schleich Elephant: African Elephant, Female
14658 Schleich Elephant: African Elephant, Calf
14659 Schleich Bear: Polar Bear
14660 Schleich Bear: Polar Bear Cub, sitting
14661 Schleich Gorilla, Male
14662 Schleich Gorilla, Female with Baby
14663 Schleich Gorilla, Young
14664 Schleich Bear: Giant Panda, Eating Bamboo
14671 Schleich Birds of Prey: Snowy Owl
14672 Schleich Skunk
14673 Schleich Bird: Pelican
14674 Schleich Bird: Stork
14675 Schleich Lizard: Pogona Lizard
14676 Schleich Hedgehog: Four-toed Hedgehog
16817 Schleich Dog: Mixed Breed
16818 Schleich Dog: Mixed Breed, playing
41814 Schleich Children's Zoo
42093 Schleich Pony Riding Set, Camping
42098 Schleich Bayala: Elf Riding Set, Forest Elf
70068 Schleich Heroes: The Honorable Samurai
70073 Schleich Heroes: Thracian
70074 Schleich Heroes: Iberian
70075 Schleich Heroes: Retarius
70076 Schleich Heroes: Secutor
70077 Schleich Heroes: The Wild Viking
70078 Schleich Heroes: The Respected Eqyptian
70079 Schleich Heroes: Gladiator with Hyena
70083 Schleich Heroes: Gladiator with Battle Rhinoceros
70445 Schleich Bayala: Shansy
70452 Schleich Bayala: Eyela on Horseback
70453 Schleich Bayala: Dancing Marween
70454 Schleich Bayala: Chestnut Elf with Fellow
70455 Schleich Bayala: Magnolia Elf
70456 Schleich Bayala: Beautiful Lotus Elf
70457 Schleich Bayala: Lily-like Elf
70458 Schleich Bayala: Anemone Twins
70459 Schleich Bayala: Asian Magical Being
70460 Schleich Bayala: Female Elf on Forest Unicorn
70461 Schleich Bayala: Male Elf on Forest Unicorn
70462 Schleich Bayala: Delicate Lily Elf
70463 Schleich Bayala: Fine Daffodil Elf

14675 Schleich Pogona Lizard

70454 Schleich Chestnut Elf with Fellow

70068 Schleich The Honorable Samurai

14525 Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex

13291 Schleich Clydesdale Mare

13441 Schleich Game Keeper

14342 Schleich African Female Elephant
Schleich Retirements for 2012

This is a listing of items which are being retired by Schleich in 2012. Retired Schleich items are often harder to find and over time they increase in value.

13291 Schleich Horse: Clydesdale Mare
13447 Schleich Person: Stable Boy
13614 Schleich Swan: White Swan
13640 Schleich Cow: Simmental Bull
13441 Schleich Person: Game Keeper
13443 Schleich Person: Animal Keeper
13643 Schleich Pig: Swabian-Hall Boar
13451 Schleich Person: Farmer
13452 Schleich Person: Farmer's Wife
13464 Schleich Person: Girl, feeding
14144 Schleich Elephant: Indian Male
14199 Schleich Bear: Giant Panda
14322 Schleich Elephant: African Calf
14341 Schleich Elephant: African Male
14342 Schleich Elephant: African Female
14343 Schleich Elephant Indian Calf
14344 Schleich Elephant: Indian Female
14357 Schleich Bear: Polar Bear Female
14358 Schleich Bear: Polar Bear Cub
14374 Schleich Lion: Young Lion
14387 Schleich Gnu Calf
14390 Schleich Giraffe Female, drinking
14394 Schleich African Black Rhinoceros Male
14501 Schleich Dinosaur: Apatosaurus
14505 Schleich Dinosaur: Saichania
16082 Schleich Whale: Grey Whale
16083 Schleich Whale: Humpback Whale
16084 Schleich Whale: Sperm Whale
16380 Schleich Dog: St Bernard, Female
16448 Schleich Dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rex, moving
16452 Schleich Dinosaur: Triceratops
16455 Schleich Dinosaur: Parasaurolophus
16457 Schleich Dinosaur: Stegosaurus
16458 Schleich Dinosaur: Brachiosaurus
16461 Schleich Dinosaur: Saichania
16462 Schleich Dinosaur: Apatosaurus
16517 Schleich Prehistoric Mammal: Woolly Mammoth
16520 Schleich Prehistoric Mammal: Smilodon
16523 Schleich Prehistoric Mammal: Woolly Mammoth Baby
40191 Schleich Knights: Knight's Castle
40192 Schleich Knights: Catapult
40193 Schleich Knights: Siege Tent
41266 Schleich Penguin: Penguins Scenery Pack
41806 Schleich Box Set: Forestry Scene Pack
42026 Schleich Horse: Show Jumping Set
42029 Schleich Knights: Wicker Fence
42030 Schleich Knights: Knight's Stable
42031 Schleich Knights: Well
42035 Schleich Horse: Horse Set, Dressage
42036 Schleich Horse: Horse Set, Western
42046 Schleich Rodeo Horse Set
42047 Schleich Horse: Eventing Horse Set
70003 Schleich Knights: Foot-Soldier with Battleaxe (Blue)
70006 Schleich Knights: Archer (Blue)
70010 Schleich Knights: Knight with Big Sword (Red)
70027 Schleich Knights: King
70050 Schleich Knights: Prince
70051 Schleich Knights: Knight with Two Handed Sword
70055 Schleich Knights: Sentry (Blue)
70059 Schleich Knights: Zahor
70060 Schleich Knights: Xarok
70061 Schleich Knights: Foot-Soldier with Battle-Axe
70407 Schleich Bayala: Shadow Elf Ophira
70417 Schleich Bayala: Antylar
70418 Schleich Bayala: Faraun
72003 Schleich Wagon with Clydesdale Mare

16082 Schleich Grey Whale

70006 Schleich Archer (Blue)

70417 Schleich Antylar
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