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14632 Schleich Emperor Penguin with Chick

13695 Schleich Pinto Yearling

70065 Schleich The Invincible Spartan

13457 Schleich Male Veterinarian
Schleich New Releases for 2011

The following is a list of the Schleich new releases for 2011. Every year Schleich release a certain number of new figures and retire a similar amount. Schleich Animals have been in production since the 1980's and are now the leading animal collectable replica in the world.

13457 Schleich Person: Veterinarian, Male
13458 Schleich Person: Worker with Brush Cutter
13459 Schleich Person: Rider with Saddle
13462 Schleich Person: Forestry Worker with Chainsaw
13464 Schleich Person: Girl, feeding
13466 Schleich Person: Shepherd
13672 Schleich Rabbit: Rabbit, standing
13673 Schleich Rabbit: Rabbit, sitting
13674 Schleich Cats: Kittens
13675 Schleich Cats: Cat, grooming
13677 Schleich Cats: Male Cat, stretching
13678 Schleich Grey Goose
13679 Schleich Grey Goose Gander
13680 Schleich Grey Goose Chicks
13684 Schleich Cow: Texas Longhorn Calf
13685 Schleich Cow: Texas Longhorn Cow
13686 Schleich Donkey: Poitou Donkey Foal
13687 Schleich Horse: Falabella Foal
13688 Schleich Horse: Falabella Mare
13689 Schleich Horse: Knabstrupper Stallion
13690 Schleich Horse: Akhal-Teke Stallion
13691 Schleich Horse: Dartmoor Pony Foal
13692 Schleich Horse: Dartmoor Pony Stallion
13695 Schleich Horse: Pinto Yearling
13696 Schleich Horse: Pinto Mare
13697 Schleich Rabbit: Dwarf Lop, lying
13698 Schleich Rabbit: Rabbit, grooming
14632 Schleich Penguin: Emperor Penguin with Chick
14634 Schleich Bird of Prey: Bald Eagle
14638 Schleich Artic Fox
14639 Schleich Artic Fox Kit
14640 Schleich African Buffalo
14641 Schleich African Buffalo Calf
14643 Schleich Giant Tortoise young
14644 Schleich Kudu Calf
14645 Schleich Kudu Antelope
14646 Schleich Wolverine
14647 Schleich Red Deer
14648 Schleich Red Fox
14649 Schleich Red Fox Kit
14650 Schleich Badger
14651 Schleich Badger Cubs
14652 Schleich Penguin: Emperor Penguin
41800 Schleich Box Set: Rabbit Scenery Pack
41801 Schleich Box Set: Cat Scenery Pack
41803 Schleich Box Set: Dog Agility Scenery Pack
41806 Schleich Box Set: Forestry Scene Pack
41809 Schleich Bayala Box Set: Elf Wedding Scene
41811 Schleich Bayala Box Set: Noctis Scenery Pack
42046 Schleich Rodeo Horse Set
42047 Schleich Eventing Horse Set
42051 Schleich Quad Bike with Driver
42052 Schleich Tractor with Driver
42059 Schleich Bayala: Elf Pavilion
42060 Schleich Bayala: Elf Carriage
42063 Schleich Bayala: Arelan Raft
42077 Schleich Bayala: Elf Sunny Blossom
42079 Schleich New Heroes: Fighter Elephant Attachment
70063 Schleich New Heroes: Fighter Elephant with Rider
70064 Schleich New Heroes: The Fearless Roman
70065 Schleich New Heroes: The Invincible Spartan
70066 Schleich New Heroes: Feared Warrior from North
70067 Schleich New Heroes: The Proud African
70069 Schleich New Heroes: The Mysterious Ninja
70435 Schleich Bayala: Sireel & Solfur
70436 Schleich Bayala: Eyela, Conducting Wedding
70437 Schleich Bayala: Flower Elf
70438 Schleich Bayala: Harp Elf
70439 Schleich Bayala: Falaroy, standing
70440 Schleich Bayala: Torak
70441 Schleich Bayala: Fizzio
70442 Schleich Bayala: Liassa
70443 Schleich Bayala: Umitok
70444 Schleich Bayala: Kenjok
70446 Schleich Bayala: Auruun
70447 Schleich Bayala: Kishay

13674 Schleich Kittens

13679 Schleich Grey Goose Gander

14638 Schleich Artic Fox

14646 Schleich Wolverine

16085 Schleich Giant Octopus

13621 Schleich Mustang Stallion White

16522 Schleich Glyptodon
Schleich Retirements for 2011

This is a listing of items which are being retired by Schleich in 2011. Retired Schleich items are often harder to find and over time they increase in value.

13121 Schleich Rabbit: Black/White
13137 Schleich Rabbit: Black/Brown
13286 Schleich Cat: Cat, walking
13287 Schleich Pig: Boar
13290 Schleich Pig: Piglet, eating
13601 Schleich Goat: Mini Nanny Goat
13602 Schleich Goat: Mini Billy Goat
13609 Schleich Horse: Camargue Mare
13611 Schleich Goat: Dwarf Kid
13612 Schleich Pig: Swabian-Hall Pig
13620 Schleich Horse: Przewalski's Horse
13621 Schleich Horse: Mustang Stallion White
13623 Schleich Horse: Percheron Stallion
13626 Schleich Horse: Percheron Mare
13627 Schleich Horse: Percheron Foal
13628 Schleich Horse: Camargue Foal
13635 Schleich Pig: Swabian-Hall Piglet, eating
14248 Schleich Deer: Red Deer
14316 Schleich Bear: Black Bear
14326 Schleich Bear: Black Bear Cub
14338 Schleich Fox
14339 Schleich Hare
14355 Schleich Camel: Dromedary Mare
14356 Schleich Camel: Dromedary Foal
14361 Schleich Okapi
14379 Schleich Deer: Roebuck
14380 Schleich Deer: Deer
14381 Schleich Deer: Fawn
14617 Schleich Penguin: King Penguin
16080 Schleich Walrus
16085 Schleich Giant Octopus
16093 Schleich Whale: Humpback Whale Calf
16094 Schleich Whale: Grey Whale Calf
16095 Schleich Whale: Sperm Whale Calf
16519 Schleich Prehistoric Mammal: Macrauchenia
16522 Schleich Prehistoric Mammal: Glyptodon
16707 Schleich Bird of Prey: Bald Eagle (Spread Wings)
30655 Schleich Tree: African Baobab
30657 Schleich Tree: Saquaro Cactus
40168 Schleich Horse: Fence and Gate
40189 Schleich Horse: Dressage Arena
40190 Schleich Wagon and Driver
40194 Schleich Knights: Jousting Set
40198 Schleich Knights: Stairs and Ladders
42011 Schleich American Frontier: Teepee
42013 Schleich American Frontier: Sioux Canoe with Sioux
42016 Schleich American Frontier: Indian Campfire
42017 Schleich Knights: Tournament Tent Red
42024 Schleich American Frontier: Settler Wagon
42027 Schleich Horse: Racing Set
42033 Schleich Bayala: Shadow Elf House
42034 Schleich Bayala: Oracle
70001 Schleich Knights: Knight with Big Sword (Blue)
70015 Schleich Knights: Archer (Red)
70023 Schleich Knights: Foot-Soldier with Mace (Blue)
70052 Schleich Knights: Hellebardier
70053 Schleich Knights: Foot Soldier with Stone (Blue)
70058 Schleich Knights: Foot Soldier on Ladder
70300 Schleich American Frontier: Sioux Chief on Horse
70301 Schleich American Frontier: Sioux Archer on Horse
70303 Schleich American Frontier: Cowboy with Lassoo on Horse
70305 Schleich American Frontier: Sioux Archer on Knees
70308 Schleich American Frontier: Sioux Scout
70405 Schleich Bayala: Shadow Elf Turag
70408 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Tulon
70411 Schleich Bayala: Shadow Elf Menatea
70412 Schleich Bayala: Shadow Elf Jaro
82141 Schleich Horse: Satchmo (Lipizzaner - Special Release Item)

13121 Schleich Black & White Rabbit

42034 Schleich Oracle

14355 Schleich Dromedary Mare
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