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13640 Schleich Simmental Bull

14387 Schleich Gnu

13649 Schleich Hanoverian Stallion

14394 Schleich African Black Rhino, Male
Schleich New Releases for 2009

The following is a list of the Schleich new releases for 2009. Every year Schleich release a certain number of new figures and retire a similar amount. Schleich Animals have been in production since the 1980's and are now the leading animal collectable replica in the world.

13637 Cat, sitting. Schleich Pets.
13638 Cat, standing. Schleich Pets.
13639 Holstein Calf, lying. Schleich Farmlife.
13640 Simmental Bull. Schleich Farmlife.
13641 Simmental Cow. Schleich Farmlife.
13642 Simmental Calf. Schleich Farmlife.
13643 Swabian-Hall, boar. Schleich Farmlife.
13644 Donkey. Schleich Farmlife.
13645 Rooster. Schleich Farmlife.
13646 Hen. Schleich Farmlife.
13647 Hen, pecking. Schleich Farmlife.
13648 Chickens. Schleich Farmlife.
13649 Hanoverian Stallion. Schleich Farmlife.
13650 Quarter Horse. Schleich Farmlife.
13651 Dartmoor Pony. Schleich Farmlife.
13652 Arabian Foal, grazing. Schleich Farmlife.
14386 Gnu Calf. Schleich Wildlife.
14387 Gnu. Schleich Wildlife.
14388 Meerkat Pups. Schleich Wildlife.
14389 Giraffe Male, eating. Schleich Wildlife.
14390 Giraffe Female, drinking. Schleich Wildlife.
14391 Zebra Male. Schleich Wildlife.
14392 Zebra Female. Schleich Wildlife.
14393 Zebra Foal. Schleich Wildlife.
14394 African Black Rhino, Male. Schleich Wildlife.
14395 African Black Rhino, Calf. Schleich Wildlife.
14396 Gazelle. Schleich Wildlife.
14397 Gazelle Fawn. Schleich Wildlife.
14398 Ostrich Chick. Schleich Wildlife.
14399 Leopard Cub. Schleich Wildlife.
14601 Giant Tortoise. Schleich Wildlife.
14602 Camel Foal. Schleich Wildlife. 14603 Kangaroo. Schleich Wildlife.
13448 Horse Carer. Schleich Farmlife.
13449 Riding Instructor. Schleich Farmlife.
13451 Farmer. Schleich Farmlife.
13452 Farmer's Wife. Schleich Farmlife.
14604 Raccoon. Schleich Forest Life.
14605 Wolf. Schleich Forest Life.
14606 Wolf Cub. Schleich Forest Life.
16376 German Shepherd Male, sitting. Schleich Pets.
16377 Golden Retriever Male. Schleich Pets.
16378 Golden Retriever puppy, standing. Schleich Pets.
16379 St Bernard Male. Schleich Pets.
16380 St Bernard Female. Schleich Pets.
30658 Beech Tree. Schleich Wildlife.
70061 Foot Soldier with Battle Axe. Schleich Knights.
70062 Foot Soldier with Throwing Axes. Schleich Knights.
70060 Xarok. Schleich Knights.
70059 Zahor. Schleich Knights.
70415 Yasira. Schleich Elves.
70416 Surah. Schleich Elves.
70414 Nimsay. Schleich Elves.
42035 Horse set, dressage. Schleich Farmlife.
42036 Horse set, western. Schleich Farmlife.
16461 Saichania. Schleich Dinosaurs.
16462 Apatosaurus. Schleich Dinosaurs.
16463 Quetzalcoatlus. Schleich Dinosaurs.
70417 Antylar. Schleich Elves.
70418 Faraun. Schleich Elves.
70419 Nugur. Schleich Elves.
42038 Floral Umbrella. Schleich Elves.
42037 Elf Boat. Schleich Elves.

14605 Schleich Wolf

70060 Schleich Xarok

70417 Schleich Antylar

16463 Schleich Quetzalcoatlus

13247 Schleich Shire Horse

14550 Schleich Blue Shark

14148 Schleich Zebra
Schleich Retirements for 2009

This is a listing of items which are being retired by Schleich in 2009. Retired Schleich items are often harder to find and over time they increase in value.

13122 Schleich Cat Standing. Schleich Pets.
13124 Schleich White Rooster. Schleich Farmlife.
13125 Schleich White Hen, standing. Schleich Farmlife.
13127 Schleich Colourful Rooster. Schleich Farmlife.
13128 Schleich Brown Hen. Schleich Farmlife.
13131 Schleich Colourful Rooster, crowing. Schleich Farmlife.
13132 Schleich Fleckvieh Calf. Schleich Farmlife.
13133 Schleich Fleckvieh Cow, grazing. Schleich Farmlife.
13134 Schleich Fleckvieh Cow, standing. Schleich Farmlife.
13138 Schleich Fleckvieh Bull. Schleich Farmlife.
13212 Schleich Donkey. Schleich Farmlife.
13258 Schleich Boer He-Goat. Schleich Farmlife.
13259 Schleich Boer She-Goat. Schleich Farmlife.
13260 Schleich Boer Kid. Schleich Farmlife.
13247 Schleich Shire Horse. Schleich Farmlife.
13251 Schleich Quarterhorse Schleich Farmlife.
13272 Schleich Shire Foal. Schleich Farmlife.
13605 Schleich Shire Mare. Schleich Farmlife.
16087 Schleich Minke Whale. Schleich Sealife
14411 Schleich Lying Kitten. Schleich Pets.
14412 Schleich Striped Hamster. Schleich Pets.
14418 Schleich Ferret. Schleich Pets.
14506 Schleich Quetzalcoatlus. Schleich Dinosaurs.
14511 Schleich Anhanguera, small. Schleich Dinosaurs.
14550 Schleich Blue Shark. Schleich Sealife.
14551 Schleich Killer Whale. Schleich Sealife.
14552 Schleich Blue Whale. Schleich Sealife.
14553 Schleich Great White Shark. Schleich Sealife.
14554 Schleich Dolphin. Schleich Sealife.
14555 Schleich Tiger Shark. Schleich Sealife.
14557 Schleich Spotted Eagle Ray. Schleich Sealife.
14558 Schleich Right Whale. Schleich Sealife.
14559 Schleich Spotted Wombegong. Schleich Sealife.
14560 Schleich Manta Ray. Schleich Sealife.
14561 Schleich Hammerhead Shark. Schleich Sealife.
14146 Schleich Zebra Calf. Schleich Wildlife.
14148 Schleich Zebra. Schleich Wildlife.
14169 Schleich Seal Pup. Schleich Wildlife.
14171 Schleich Seal. Schleich Wildlife.
14174 Schleich Kangaroo. Schleich Wildlife.
14183 Schleich Rhinoceros. Schleich Wildlife.
14301 Schleich Llama. Schleich Wildlife.
14304 Schleich Tortoise. Schleich Wildlife.
14306 Schleich Orang-Utan Female. Schleich Wildlife.
14307 Schleich Orang-Utan Young. Schleich Wildlife.
14329 Schleich Parrot (Red). Schleich Wildlife.
13433 Schleich Farmer. Schleich Farmlife.
13434 Schleich Farmer's Wife. Schleich Farmlife.
13435 Schleich Riding Instructor. Schleich Farmlife.
13436 Schleich Stable Girl. Schleich Farmlife.
30650 Schleich Oak Tree, large. Schleich Trees and Plants.
70026 Schleich Damsel of the Castle. Schleich Knights.
70022 Foot-Soldier with Flail. Schleich Knights.
70008 Schleich Standard Bearer on Horse (Blue). Schleich Knights.
70200 Schleich Phoenix. Schleich Knights.
40195 Schleich Tower. Schleich Knights.
40196 Schleich Wide Wall. Schleich Knights.
40197 Schelcih Narrow Wall. Schleich Knights.
42009 Schleich Battering Ram. Schleich Knights.
42010 Schleich Tournament Tent Blue. Schleich Knights.
70406 Schleich Shadow Elf - Surah. Schleich Elves.
16307 Schleich St Bernard. Schleich Pets.
16315 Schleich West Highland Terrier. Schleich Pets.
16327 Schleich Black Labrador. Schleich Pets.
16329 Schleich Golden Labrador. Schleich Pets.
16330 Schleich Border Collie. Schleich Pets.
16331 Schleich Jack Russel. Schleich Pets.
16333 Schleich German Shepherd, sitting. Schleich Pets.
14246 Wild Rabbit. Schleich Forest Life.
14247 Schleich Eagle Owl. Schleich Forest Life.
14249 Schleich Wolf. Schleich Forest Life.
16409 Schleich Apatosaurus. Schleich Dinosaurs.
16411 Schleich Saichania. Schleich Dinosaurs.
16417 Schleich Quetzalcoatlus. Schleich Dinosaurs.

14301 Schleich Llama

13436 Schleich Stable Girl

16331 Schleich Jack Russel
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