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13625 Schleich Tinker Stallion

14369 Schleich Tiger

14378 Schleich Crocodile

14379 Schleich Roebuck
Schleich New Releases for 2008

The following is a list of the Schleich new releases for 2008. Every year Schleich release a certain number of new figures and retire a similar amount. Schleich Animals have been in production since the 1980's and are now the leading animal collectable replica in the world.

13445 Schleich Person: Stable Girl
13446 Schleich Person: Blacksmith
13447 Schleich Person: Stable Boy
13625 Schleich Horse: Tinker Stallion
13626 Schleich Horse: Percheron Mare
13627 Schleich Horse: Percheron Foal
13628 Schleich Horse: Camargue Foal
13629 Schleich Horse: Arabian Stallion
13630 Schleich Horse: Arabian Mare
13631 Schleich Horse: Tennessee Walking
13632 Schleich Cow: Holstein Bull
13633 Schleich Cow: Holstein Cow
13634 Schleich Cow: Holstein Calf
13635 Schleich Pig: Swabian-Hall Piglet, eating
13636 Schleich Pig: Swabian-Hall Piglet
14369 Schleich Tiger: Tiger
14370 Schleich Tiger: Tigress
14371 Schleich Tiger: Cub, standing
14372 Schleich Tiger: Cub, playing
14373 Schleich Lion: Lion
14374 Schleich Lion: Young Lion
14375 Schleich Lion: Lioness, lying
14376 Schleich Lion: Lion Cub, lying
14377 Schleich Lion: Lion Cub, playing
14378 Schleich Crocodile
14379 Schleich Deer: Roebuck
14380 Schleich Deer: Deer
14381 Schleich Deer: Fawn
14382 Schleich Tiger: White Tiger
14383 Schleich Tiger: White Tigress
14384 Schleich Tiger: White Tiger Cub, standing
14385 Schleich Tiger: White Tiger Cub, playing
14560 Schleich Manta Ray
14561 Schleich Shark: Hammerhead
16371 Schleich Dog: Husky Male
16372 Schleich Dog: Husky Female
16373 Schleich Dog: Husky Puppy
16374 Schleich Dog: Husky Puppy, laying
16375 Schleich Dog: German Shepherd Female
16458 Schleich Dinosaur: Brachiosaurus
16459 Schleich Dinosaur: Spinosaurus
16460 Schleich Dinosaur: Allosaurus
30657 Schleich Tree: Saquaro Cactus
42026 Schleich Horse: Show Jumping Set
42027 Schleich Horse: Racing Set
42028 Schleich Barn
42029 Schleich Knights: Wicker Fence
42030 Schleich Knights: Knight's Stable
42031 Schleich Knights: Well
42032 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf House
42033 Schleich Bayala: Shadow Elf House
42034 Schleich Bayala: Oracle
70053 Schleich Knights: Foot Solider with Stone (Blue)
70054 Schleich Knights: Knight On Horse with Sword (Blue)
70055 Schleich Knights: Sentry (Blue)
70056 Schleich Knights: Knight On Horse with Sword (Red)
70057 Schleich Knights: Archer Kneeling (Red)
70058 Schleich Knights: Foot Solider on Ladder
70408 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Tulon
70409 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Lloris & Leolynn
70410 Schleich Bayala: Sun Elf Oleana
70411 Schleich Bayala: Shadow Elf Menatea
70412 Schleich Bayala: Shadow Elf Jaro
70413 Schleich Bayala: Shadow Elf Bilara

14560 Schleich Manta Ray

16373 Schleich Husky Puppy

42031 Schleich Well

70409 Schleich Sun Elf Lloris & Leolynn

13123 Schleich Cat, sitting

14196 Schleich Gorilla Male

14328 Schleich Toco Toucan
Schleich Retirements for 2008

This is a listing of items which are being retired by Schleich in 2008. Retired Schleich items are often harder to find and over time they increase in value.

13123 Schleich Cat: Cat, sitting
13139 Schleich Cow: Holstein Calf
13140 Schleich Cow: Holstein Cow, standing
13141 Schleich Cow: Holstein Cow, grazing
13143 Schleich Cow: Holstein Bull
13248 Schleich Horse: Arabian Stallion
13271 Schleich Horse: Appaloosa Stallion
13272 Schleich Horse: Shire Foal
13274 Schleich Horse: Iceland Pony
13298 Schleich Horse: Riding Pony
13299 Schleich Horse: Riding Pony, grazing
14196 Schleich Gorilla Male
14198 Schleich Gorilla Cub
14305 Schleich Crocodile
14317 Schleich Tiger: Tiger
14318 Schleich Tiger: Tigress
14319 Schleich Tiger: Tiger Cub, playing
14328 Schleich Bird: Toco Toucan
14351 Schleich Tiger: White Tiger
14352 Schleich Tiger: White Tigress
14353 Schleich Tiger: White Tiger Cub
14354 Schleich Lion: Lion
14405 Schleich Rat
14410 Schleich Dog: Puppy
14508 Schleich Dinosaur: Stegosaurus (small)
14556 Schleich Fish: Blue Marlin
16337 Schleich Dog: Giant Schnauzer
16338 Schleich Dog: Fox Terrier
16407 Schleich Dinosaur: Spinosaurus
16409 Schleich Dinosaur: Apatosaurus
16413 Schleich Dinosaur: Torosaurus
30600 Schleich 8 piece Christmas Nativity Scene
70030 Schleich Knights: Archer on Horseback (Red)
70031 Schleich Knights: Archer on Horseback (Blue)
70040 Schleich Knights: Soldier with Spike on Horse
70041 Schleich Knights: Soldier on Dromedary
70042 Schleich Knights: Foot-Solider with Sabre
70043 Schleich Knights: Foot Soldier with Spear
70044 Schleich Knights: Bowman on his Knees

14405 Schleich Rat

70030 Schleich Archer on Horseback (Red)

14556 Schleich Blue Marlin
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